Pediatric Dentistry from Your Family Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry from your Family Dentist At Country Lakes Family Dental, we know kids!  In fact, many are surprised to hear that the majority of our patients are 14 years old and younger.  Of course, some joke that my kids alone help with that fact, but kidding aside, we live in an area thriving with

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Managing Dental Anxiety with Your Family Dentist

  Hello All!  For my first blog discussion, I would like to speak on an all too-familiar topic I deal with on a regular basis, and hopefully, in a way that will apply to the great neighbors of our beloved communities.  I would like to first begin by defining a specific term.  The term “dental IQ” is one

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Happy to be Your Neighborhood Family Dentist

Hello from Dr. Matt! I am excited and enthusiastic to offer an informative and entertaining dental blog for anyone and everyone.  Since day one, I have enjoyed serving the families of the many great communities of Denton County:  from Bartonville to Double Oak, Lantana to Argyle, and Corinth to Highland Village, and many more.  As

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