The High-Tech Dental Experience

The High-Tech Dental Experience

Have you ever been in a social situation where you just did not fit in? Like showing up to a costume party, only it’s not a costume party, or maybe one of those functions with your significant other where you don’t know anyone? Of course, my wife’s advice to me is always the same, “Don’t try to be charming, witty, or fun … instead, just be yourself.” Well, writing a dental article in an issue dedicated to “real estate” is much the same. So, instead of trying to suffer making a dental link to “real estate,” I will instead discuss some “real state-of-the-art” advances in dentistry.

These days, most are aware of the novel technology of digital x-rays with their minimal amounts of detected radiation and the ability to view in an instant. However, one of the most amazing realities in radiology advances, not only in specialist offices but in general practices, as well, is the accessibility to digital 3-dimensional radiographs. Once an incredibly expensive and difficult piece of equipment, cone beam radiography is becoming a standard for streamlining advanced dental procedures. Its use can vary from identifying pathology to tracing the intricate canals of a tooth root structure before a root canal, to integrating with digital impressions for preplanned surgically-guided dental implant placement.

On the subject of digital impressions, most dental procedures currently can utilize digital impressions in ways that allow for a more comfortable and convenient experience without trays or goopy material. Integrating digital impressions with certain 3D software and milling lathes allows for same-day fabrication of dental crowns and bridges, preventing the use of temporary crowns and long waits for dental labs. Digital impressions can also be used for orthodontic applications like digital bracket placement or clear aligner orthodontics like Invisalign®. Additionally, digital impression eliminates variables of distortion, ensuring a more accurate fit of restorations and orthodontic appliances.

The advent of digital technology is improving the overall dental experience, creating a more accurate, more predictable, and more comfortable treatment. If you have not yet encountered these advances, you’re in for a “real state” of delight.


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