Improving Your Style With A Smile

Improving Your Style With A Smile

You have to appreciate modern day style. I can’t think of a time when such a multiplicity of trends and diversity of fashion have been more accepted – all of which makes my life a little easier when I’m left to the task of dressing my kids with whatever mixed array of outfits I can throw together. However, despite my attempt at my kid’s uncoordinated ensembles, there are certain fashions that never go out of style – like a healthy smile.

As a dentist, I get asked all the time if I’m constantly looking at people’s teeth, and the answer is, “Yes!” But so do many others. A recent study by Kelton Global suggests that 48 percent of adults find a person’s smile to be the most memorable feature when meeting someone for the first time. This is compared to 25 percent of what the person says and nine percent of what they are wearing. This means your smile may be your most fashionable feature, which stresses the importance of caring for your oral health.

Healthy is attractive, so starting with keeping your teeth and gums healthy with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits is the obvious first approach. The easiest way to ensure an esthetic smile is to start with the basics, good brushing, flossing, and healthy food choices.

Also, an orthodontic approach to straightening your teeth not only adds aesthetic value but can improve cleanability and prevent uneven wearing of teeth. When it comes to staying in fashion, remember that a healthy smile is always in style. Happy smiling!


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